ZERO Carbon Natural Gas is Here

ZERO Carbon Natural Gas is Here

Natural Gas is an energy source that is cheap and the world has lots of it. It’s also a highly scalable energy fuel base. It currently accounts for more than 30 percent of US electricity and 22 per cent of world electricity.

The problem is, to process it for electricity, the most basic natural gas-fired  turbines generates massive carbon emissions which are the major cause of the greenhouse effect.

Naturally, there is a global drive for the health of the planet to reduce those carbon emissions. The good news is there’s couple of  technologies currently being tested that can produce zero carbon natural gas. Each technology uses existing tech systems to create a revolutionary means of handling carbon.

The first one is being tested by a company called NET Power in the United States. The plant actually burns natural gas but repurposes the C02 into what is called a supercritical C02 which is then used to drive a specially built turbine in a continuous and self-sustaining cycle.

The second technology developed by MIT’s professor of chemical engineering, Paul Barton and postdoctoral associate Thomas Adams,  promotes a system that is distinctive because it produces power from natural gas without actually burning it! The waste products of this system are clean water and almost pure carbon dioxide. The C02 can then be repurposed for other uses.

There’s been environmental resistance to build more natural gas power plants and pipelines to transport it.  With the new technologies of producing zero carbon natural gas, we’ll likely see a much needed expansion of plants and pipelines that will help bring down the cost of fuel for everyone on the planet.

Cheap energy is a must for personal economic growth. Let’s hope zero carbon natural gas can help promote that opportunity for millions of global citizens.