What You See is What You Get, Wearable Cameras in Your Eyes

What You See is What You Get, Wearable Cameras in Your Eyes

There was a time when inventions like the camera and contact lenses astounded the nation. Now, tech giants in the U.S. are looking to take these innovations to the next level by combining both into one amazing invention.

Recently, Sony filed a patent for contact lenses that act like a camera. According to the patent, the contact lenses would be fitted with image capture technology and piezoelectric sensors (pronunciation HERE: http://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/pronunciation/english/piezoelectric). The sensors would not only allow the wearer to blink and take a picture, but they also convert the eye’s movements into energy to power the lens. These contact lenses would be fitted with all of the bells and whistles of a regular camera, including image storage, syncing capabilities, picture enhancements, and a little on-and off switch.

Embedding technology into contact lenses is not a new concept. Scientists around the world have been exploring the various ways we can turn our eyes into machines for quite some time. Whether it is embedding virtual reality technology into the lenses or turning the eye into a 3-D imaging device, contact lenses have served as a vehicle for scientists to explore the capabilities of our eyes.

After the failure of Google Glass, all of the tech giants in the country have been scrambling to take this wearable technology to the next level. Companies like Google and Samsung are also working on their own versions of these contact lense cameras. Sony just beat everyone to the punch by filing the patent.

Although all of the technology already exists, it is not yet small enough to fit onto a contact lense. Sony is hoping that the patent will buy it enough time to develop the technology and lock out its competitors long enough to make it to market.

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