Wearable Solution that Allows the Legally Blind to See

Wearable Solution that Allows the Legally Blind to See

The legally blind can see again with electronic glasses. The company that produces them is called

eSight and the founder is a Canadian electrical engineer by the name of Conrad Lewis. A successful businessman,  Lewis said the following about his impetus to build this product “ “If I can assemble teams of engineers who can build incredible products for the commercial market, why not assemble an engineering team that can build electronic glasses that would let my sisters see?”

And he did. And his sisters can see, are able to work and independently perform almost all activities of daily living.

The device is worn like a regular pair of glasses while the system works  with a camera headset and a special prescription lens frame. The glasses clip on to the device. It functions almost like a supercomputer for the eyes. The headset is connected to a controller and lets a legally blind person zoom in and out and control contrast and color settings. The video signal is then transmitted back to the headset and is displayed on LED screens in front of the persons’ eyes.

Most importantly, eSight requires no surgery. Almost instantly after putting them on, an individual with legal blindness or low vision can see in virtually the same manner as someone who is fully sighted. eSight is registered with the FDA and EUDAMED, and is inspected by Health Canada. It is also the only clinically validated wearable technology of its kind.

eSight is an amazing technological breakthrough – electronic glasses that let the legally blind actually see.  For more information on qualifications, go to Eyesight Eyewear.com