Turn Old Fashioned Wheel Chairs into Power Scooters (Cheaper than Motorized Scooters)

Turn Old Fashioned Wheel Chairs into Power Scooters (Cheaper than Motorized Scooters)

Rio Firefly

Despite the technologies for every day scooters, many individuals chose to keep an “old fashion” wheel chair for their mobility needs. This option is far cheaper than a motorized scooter, and sometimes just a better fit for someone. A standard wheelchair does have its downfalls though, a major one being that it does not move unless you are moving it! This can seem like a major endeavor when you’ve had a long day, or are having any pain in your arms.

That is where the Firefly from Rio Mobility comes in! The Firefly from Rio Mobility is a freestanding electric handcycle that simply clips onto a wide range of wheelchairs and turns them into a mini power chair!  Installation is quick, and easily removed when no longer needed. Once it’s attached and your two small front wheels are lifted off the ground, you’re ready to hit a top speed of 11 mph. This may not seem very fast, but it equivalent to a nice running speed.

The biggest appeal of this device, other than the ability to use and remove any time you would like, is the cost. Most motorized scoots are incredibly expensive; making them prohibitive for some wheelchair bound individuals. The price for the Firefly is just $2,000! This cost will allow so many more individuals the ability to use this technology, who would have not been able to have any motorization before.