Tiny Birdhouse Alarm Prevents Forest Fires

Tiny Birdhouse Alarm Prevents Forest Fires

If there’s a forest fire in a remote area, it’s rarely noticed or reached until mass damage occurs. A clever and simple solution — a functioning birdhouse with embedded smoke alarm sensors — will hopefully make that destruction less devastating.

Equipped with a solar panel and a 3G network connection, the birdhouses are wired to local fire departments acting as automatic smoke alarms for the wilderness.

The brilliant idea originated from the creative team Emilio and Pouline who work for Ogilvy and Mather in Spain. The team was alarmed by the very real and sorrowful prospect that the forests in Spain’s North Country will be erased by fires in 15 years. The fear is realistic as 40% of the North Country’s forests were burnt in 2015. At this pace – all the forests will indeed be wiped out by fires in 15 years.

The combined project by Generali (a large insurance company in Spain) and Ogilvy & Mather has the potential to prevent forests fires all over the world. Prototypes of the birdhouses are currently being tested in Spain.


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