Web Controlled Trash Robot

Web Controlled Trash Robot

The Chicago River is known dangerous to wildlife and repellent to the residence of Chicago because of the amount of trash that is polluting this body of water. Even though the river is cleaner today than it has qbeen in previous years, there is still a lot of work to complete to fully clean up this river. Enter, the Trash Robot.

The Trash Robot, while employing a simple name, has an extraordinary task of cleaning up the Chicago River.  Nick Wesley, a co-founder of Urban Rivers, a Chicago nonprofit dedicated to reviving the rivers in the city. The Trash Robot was created in an effort to bring wildlife back to the Chicago River, and provide the ability for it to live safely there once again.

The Trash Robot is a simple device designed to be in the water, and is controlled remotely from a computer. Presently, the members of Urban Rivers have access to control the Trash Robot, but the group hopes to create a video game like program so that anyone can participate in picking up trash via the Trash Robot. The robot costs about $2,500.00 to make, and Urban Rivers raised enough funds to create two to test out this upcoming summer!