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The Tire that Never Needs Air

The Tire that Never Needs Air

The rubber tires all automobile currently use can be dangerous if not properly cared for, and have a great impact on the environment. Depending on where you live in the world, you could need to replace your tires every few years, which is not only expensive but produces a lot of unneeded waste in the world. Rubber tires will decompose, however this process can take a substantial amount of time. With new technology on the rise with non-rubber tires, recycling technology may no longer be a necessity.

The “Tweel” is an airless tire design concept that was developed by Michelin Tire Company. There are a lot of advantages to an airless tire, over the pneumatic (air filled) tires, including a future with no flat tires. A tire that never has the potential for flat tires, or dangerous tire blowouts, is not the only benefit. The Tweel offers a superior performance, including a reduction in hydroplaning and better braking ability.

The material of the Tweel also provides a longer life than the conventional tire by two to three years. The material is actually 3D printed and would never need to be fully replaced. If the tire wears down in any way, a 3D printer can rebuild the worn down portion of the tire for partial replacement. The driver can also customize the type of tire they have to better suit their environmental conditions. The tire is made from natural and biodegradable material. Michelin Tire Company’s hope is that you will only ever need to purchase one set of these tires.





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June 24, 2018