The New Digital Stethoscope

The New Digital Stethoscope

Currently, Doctors listen to hearts by trusting their ears and memories to detect heart aberrations . . . really it’s more of an art than science.

Eko Core changes that with a smart adapter that is attached to a stethoscope. The adapter streams heart beat data to the cloud so physicians can download it to a smart phone. Then, a companion app can analyze the audio and compare the results to previous recordings. With this information, Eko Core provides accurate data on heart abnormalities that doctor’s ears simply can not detect.

Patients can save a ton of cash as the use of the device can drastically reduce the need for expensive tests like echocardiograms. The doctors save too with the Eko Core adapter being priced around $199.

However, the device is not yet on the market but it is on trial at the University of California, San Francisco.

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