The Mystery of Fibromyalgia Solved!

The Mystery of Fibromyalgia Solved!

Scientists have discovered the main source of pain in patients who suffer from Fibromyalgia, and despite previous beliefs, it does not come from the brain!

This discovery has ended a decade-old mystery about Fibromyalgia, a disease for which many doctors believed that was conjured in the imagination of the patients. The mystery behind this syndrome has given hope to many sufferers who will finally have a way to effectively deal with their pain.

Doctors that believed it was an “imaginary” disease were proven wrong after scientists discovered that the main pain source came from a most unlikely place,or the excess blood vessels in the hand, legs and foot.

There are at least 3 million cases of fibromyalgia each year in the United States. Despite the widespread issue, there is very little known about the causes or how to effectively treat the pain the individuals go through with this disorder. Recently, scientists have made a major breakthrough with discovering the main source of the pain. There is a large stigma for individuals who claim fibromyalgia pain as “making it up.” However, the recent discoveries prove there is a traceable source of the patient’s pain: the blood vessels.

Researches took several skin samples from the patients and found an excessive amount of nerve fibers called arteriolevenule (AV) shunts. Prior to this experiment, scientists only believed that these particular nerve fibers were responsible for regulating the blood flow in our body, and nothing else. This experiment proved that these AV shunts actually play a role in our sense of touch and pain. If the blood flow is mismanaged, it can result in muscular pain and achiness, as well as a buildup of lactic acid which could lead to the fatigue in fibromyalgia patients.

While no new developments have been made for treatments, discovering the source of fibromyalgia will certainly help bring scientists and doctors on the right path in the future.