The Morpher Gives Bikers Every Reason to Wear a Helmet

The Morpher Gives Bikers Every Reason to Wear a Helmet

No Excuses for Not Wearing a Bike Helmet with Foldable Helmets

I don’t like wearing bike helmets mostly because they mess up my hair. I haven’t yet found a solution to my vain objection.

So why don’t people wear bike helmets other than being vain? Cyclist Jeff Woolf found the answers. Wood had been involved in a serious bike crash that could have killed him if it wasn’t for him wearing a helmet. He was astounded to see so many cyclists not wearing one and found cyclists had three major objections:

Helmets are hard to carry around

Helmets are thick and bulky

Helmets don’t fit into bags or backpacks

It turns out that Woolf is an engineer and knew he could overcome these objectives with a flat folding helmet and promptly designed a product called “Morpher”.

Morpher is a bike helmet made from interweaved plastics that is just as strong as its traditional counterparts (it meets general safety requirements in both the U.S. and Europe), but flexible enough to fold almost totally flat, making it easier to transport. Woolf said that “it’s inevitable that as more people take to the road on a bicycle, more people will have accidents,” Woolf says, adding that he hopes Morpher will save lives.

Fortunately for all haters of bike helmets, Morpher is now on the market and can be purchased through its website, Morpher advertises the helmet has an integral fit system. This means the Morpher can be adjusted to almost any head size.  Big heads, flat heads, small heads and wide heads can be safely morphercovered!  So what’s your excuse for not wearing a helmet when biking to save your life?

I’m convinced not having pretty hair is not a valid one!