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The End to Hacking?

The End to Hacking?

We live in an age of technology. Everything from large-scale military operations to the individual pacemaker operates with some level of technology. While technological advancements have shot our generation far into the future, technology can be fragile and subject to hacking. In an attempt to resolve this ever growing concern, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) has began to create technology that is even the best hackers can’t crack!

DARPA has created HACMS, High-Assurance Cyber Military Systems. The goal of this program is to create technology for the construction of functionally correct and satisfying appropriate safety and security properties, which will assist in preventing any hacks. In order to achieve this goal, an entirely new approach has to be used from the routine approach typically used with software. Current approaches to cyber security rely on patching up any discovered vulnerabilities after it has been discovered. HACMS uses a mathematically based approach to build secure software right from the start.

This new technology is being tested on the military level at this time, and so far has shown a great deal of success in preventing any hacking from occurring. One of the many tests included a six-week time frame to try and hack the system, but all efforts had failed. The application to this level of security could be applied to thousands of different types of technologies, which will help secure our technological future.





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April 9, 2018