Tattoo Commitment Issues? Relax . . . New Ink Disappears in a Year

Tattoo Commitment Issues? Relax . . . New Ink Disappears in a Year

This new technology is for all the parents who swear to kill their kids if they get a tattoo and people who want tattoos but are afraid they’ll hate it in five years.

A new start-up, named “Ephemeral” run by a team of New York University graduates, is developing a special kind of tattoo ink that disappears in just one year.

Basically, after a year has passed, the tattoo starts to fade, and you have the opportunity to either adapt the original design or simply get rid of it. Oh, and current tattoo artists won’t need specialised equipment to use the new ink.
Currently, laser surgery is the only way to remove tattoos and it’s expensive, time consuming and very painful.
“There are still millions of people that aren’t getting tattoos because they demand a lifetime commitment,” says the Ephemeral team. The new service won’t be available till 2017, but the team already has plenty of backing to get it done.

To learn more about Ephemeral, simply go to our website, for links to this promising product and many other Change Your Technologies that will enhance millions of lives globally.

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