Snoo Crib Gives Parents Extra Sleep

Snoo Crib Gives Parents Extra Sleep

Is there a parent out there who hasn’t lived through sleep deprivation during the first few months of their child’s first year. It’s brutal. When I went back to work after my babies were born, still brutally deprived from sleep, I use to fantasize about sleep – that’s all – sleep and would have gladly curled up on a bathroom floor to catch a few z’s!


There’s a new crib out there that rock’s a baby to sleep. It’s called Snoo Smart Sleeper.. If the problem can’t be solved with mere soothing (think: hunger or a dirty diaper) then Snoo can’t help.


Snoo listens with three built-in microphones which can tell the difference between environmental noise and a baby’s wailing.  So, depending on how noisy the baby is, it will play specially-designed white noise that’s either lower-pitched and slower when it hears soft baby cries, or higher-pitched and more persistent when the little darling gets louder. The device will also start shaking to rock your child to sleep.

It’s only meant for fussy infants who need pacifying, not to replace a caregiver. If the baby relaxes right away, parents won’t have to get out of bed. If the crying persists, it’s easier for parents to pick between getting milk or a fresh diaper.


It’s on the market, priced just under $1,200. But beware parents – you’ll likely be heavily shamed if you like the device. Buzzfeed put a video about the Snoo on Facebook, and the top comment on the post, with 621 likes, is “This allows crappy parents to be even more neglectful.” Others chimed in with similar concerns, calling any parent who would use the Snoo lazy, calling the product unnatural, and warning fellow readers of a future in which “robomoms” raise our children.

I’m just wondering if any of these critics ever had a baby! I think not.