Smart Baby Monitor Dream Device for Worried Parents

Smart Baby Monitor Dream Device for Worried Parents

“Is my baby O.K.?” That’s the question Sproutling aims to answer—in real time—with its first product. Once in place, the tracking-like device can mark an infant’s heart rate, body temperature, position and more, and notify parents, via mobile app, if there’s cause for alarm. (Of course regular check-ins are still a must). Once Sproutling learns a baby’s habits, it can also offer helpful predictions, like when he or she will wake up from a nap.

Parents need not worry about the safety of the device. The sensor is shaped in a way that it can’t be swallowed and is not a choking hazard. Additionally, it’s cocooned in medical grade silicon and fully secured.

It’s a very helpful device for all those worried parents out there. Right now, you can preorder the Sproutling for $299.

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