Skin Patch Provides Vaccinations . . . No More Needles!

Skin Patch Provides Vaccinations . . . No More Needles!

Skin Patch Provides Vaccinations . . . No More Needles!

Who likes to get shots?  Not me, and pretty much, not anyone else.  There’s  solution for us . . . Immuno-matrix, a company founded by biomedical engineer, Dr. Kasia Sawicka. She invented a first of it’s kind patch that delivers vaccinations without breaking the skin. It’s easy to apply . . . simple as using a bandaid.

Yes, it’s a great invention for us sissies who hate needles  but, more importantly,  it fits our definition of a “Change Your Life Technology” that positively impacts the lives of millions of people.

Dr. Sawicka’s breakthrough can help stop the death of about 1.5 million children who die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases. While the use of needles to deliver vaccinations has made great strides in immunization,  it’s still a problem  for people without access to refrigerated solution, clean syringes, and safe ways to dispose of medical waste.

Immuno-matrix faces none of these challenges. The patches can be stored at room temperature, syringes aren’t needed and the patches don’t produce medical waste. For now, the skin patch has been tested successfully to combat the flu, whooping cough and anthrax.

Dr. Sawicka plans on exploring the commercialization of the technology and is working toward bringing it to practical use worldwide.

To learn more about Dr. Sawick’s invention, simply go to our website, for links to Immuno-Matrix  and many other Change Your Technologies that will enhance millions of lives globally.