Skin Gun Helps Burn Victims Quickly Regrow Skin

Skin Gun Helps Burn Victims Quickly Regrow Skin

A truly remarkable new health product, created by Renova Care, may revolutionize skin care for burn victims. It’s really is a  Skin Gun that helps burn victims quickly regrow skin by spraying them with their own stem cells.

This experimental technology is rooted in cutting-edge stem cell research. The CellMist System harvests a patient’s stem cells from a small area of unwounded skin (usually one square inch) and suspends them in a water-based solution. The SkinGun sprays the solution onto the wound, where new skin begins to grow at the cellular level.

“We don’t modify the cells,” said Thomas Bold, an engineer and president and CEO of RenovaCare. “We don’t do anything with the cells. We just isolate them from the surrounding tissue, put them in a syringe within a water-based solution, and we spray them.

“What we’re doing is all natural,” he added.

The survival of cells shooting out of the SkinGun is instrumental, since cells “injured” in the process of spraying might not grow properly. According to Bold, 97% of the cells in the syringe remain viable, and so the chances of healing the wound are great.

Dr. Robert Glatter, an emergency physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, believes CellMist and SkinGun are promising, based on his knowledge of existing studies as well as one ongoing human trial in Argentina using stem cells to heal wounds.

Thousands of patients used The Cell Mist System for a trial basis. However clinical usage is not approved. The company is awaiting FDA approval.

Right now, Renova’s Cell Mist System is working on gaining FDA approval, said President of RenovaCare.