Save Your Marriage With Anti-Snore Patch

Save Your Marriage With Anti-Snore Patch

Does this sound familiar?

It’s late, you HAVE TO wake up early in the morning and you’ve just reached that peaceful moment of giving into sleep.

Then you hear a deep, loud and guttural noise, a kind of noise that sounds like a large, wounded animal in pain, and . . . you’re jerked out of your sleep.

Unfortunately, that wounded animal sound that woke you up, comes from the one you love – sleeping right next to you.

A new anti-snore patch called the Silent Partner could help you turn down the volume of your partner’s night time nasal songs.

Silent Partner snore patch addresses the sound, rather than the cause, of snoring, according to Netanel Eyal, co-founder of the startup Silent Partner.

The patch has two thumbprint-size parts that sit on either side of the nose and are connected through a bridge over the nose, detects snore sounds and emits a counter sound that cancels out the original snores. The technology is called Active Noise Cancellation.

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