Samsung’s Transparent Truck Changes Road Safety History

Samsung’s Transparent Truck Changes Road Safety History


Have you ever been stuck behind a slow moving truck without a good enough view to pass? But you do it anyway?

Every year, thousands of people get hurt or die in traffic accidents, in part because their visibility gets blocked by large rigs. This is especially true in Argentina, known for its winding, narrow roads where one person a day is killed attempting to pass trucks on narrow, two-lane, roads.

Well, a Korean company has come up with a solution. Samsung,, a huge technology company and ad agency Leo Burnett, have partnered on a creative system that relays video footage from the front of a truck to four huge screens on its back. That way, any car following a large rig can see what’s ahead of the rig and whether or not it’s safe to pass.

The trucks use cameras, wireless video and huge display screens to let drivers behind the truck see what is coming towards. This means they don’t have to risk pulling out into harm’s way when overtaking. The displays use waterproof and dustproof technology with an IP56 rating. They have also been fitted with anti-glare screens so they can still be seen in daylight, even in bright sunshine.

Samsung has unveiled the first of its prototypes ‘Safety Trucks during the summer and has now showcased the first run of trucks that will take part in a trial in Argentina later this year.

If the trial is successful, the trucks could be rolled out worldwide. “We believe this will change the history of road safety,” says Sang Jik Lee, president of Samsung Electronics Argentina