Safecap Wakes up Sleepy Truck Drivers

Safecap Wakes up Sleepy Truck Drivers

Wearable tech devices are quickly developing into life saving devices. The newest “wearable” is a “Truck Tech Cap” that solves one of the biggest dangers for commercial truck drivers  – falling  asleep at the wheel. It can literally wake you up when you start nodding off.

Ford introduced the cap for their 60th anniversary of its truck production in Brazil and so far, the experimental cap is only being tested in this single market. Aptly called, the “Ford SafeCap”, it was created in collaboration with a Brazilian creative agency GTB.

How DO it DO it? The “SafeCap”  is lined with gyroscopes that can tell when you’re moving your head. If it senses that you’d nodded off to sleep, BAM, the hat will try and wake you up with a lot of SOUND, LIGHT and VIBRATION!

So, how does cap technology differentiate between a head nodding to music and that of falling asleep? That’s an easy one. Apparently there is what I call a “Science of Head Nods” on this planet. And, a ton of  “Head Nob” research was conducted on lonely truck drivers to determine which nods were just part of daily trucking and which nods screamed fatigue and falling asleep. All that extensive “Head Nob” data was fermented into software that could tell the difference. Voila!

SafeCap is a way off from being on sale in your local dealerships as Ford is looking for partners to continue to refine the SafeCap and to be able to scale it to larger and much larger markets. Clearly, truck drivers are not the only ones who will want to wear one. Pretty much any live human driver will buy a SafeCap. And why not? Reuters reports that driving while fatigued is just as bad as driving drunk.