Reusable Rockets: New Era in Spaceflights

Reusable Rockets: New Era in Spaceflights

Rockets are typically destroyed during their first journey, but with advancements in technology – there could be a future with reusable rockets. Thousands of rockets have been shot into space, but each and every one has been destroyed in the process. This was just the normal progression of rockets, but it is a very expensive process. Each rocket and everything that must go into the process of ensuring its safe departure can cost millions of dollars. That is millions of dollars spent only to have the rocket destroyed at the end. If successful, the use of a reusable rocket could mean that the United States will have the ability to send more people into space for exploration at a drastically cheaper price tag.

Last year, two companies have successfully completed their tests for the reusable rocket. Both tests started off with projecting the rocket like normal, but both tests ended in the rocket landing back on Earth in one piece. The two companies responsible for these tests have very different views on how to use this new technology. The company Blue Origins hopes to use the reusable rockets as a way to propel tourists in capsules on a four-minute space ride! The other company, Elon Musk’s SpaceX have hopes that the reusable rocket will improve the economics of spaceflight for launching satellites and space supply missions.

Both companies will have a large impact on the world, as we know it. The use of the reusable rocket will allow individual people the ability to experience space – something most people would have never had the chance to do. The reusable rocket will also push the human race toward further space exploration, which has been held back for many reasons – one of those of course being cost.

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