Reduce Dementia Risk by 48%

Reduce Dementia Risk by 48%

The Best Way to Delay Dementia Without Drugs

There’s extremely good news out there for reducing the risk of dementia without the use of drugs.

It’s a computer brain exercise called “speed training” that beats out memory and reasoning exercises – all of which get users to visually process information quicker. In fact, a ten year study revealed speed training can potentially cut the risk of developing dementia by 48% ten years later.

The results of the study named Active –  for Advanced Cognitive Training in Vital Elderly, were released released recently at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Toronto.

There’s more good news – the computer “speed training” brain exercise is available for subscription, online, right now. It’s a program called “Double Decision Exercise” offered by Brain HQ which licensed the training from the researchers who created it.

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