Real Time Translation in Different Languages!

Real Time Translation in Different Languages!

Americans typically don’t speak multi-languages, but we LOVE meeting people from other countries and do our best to  communicate even if they don’t speak English.  No surprise here, we’re close to jumping over the language barrier with a device called the Pilot.

Basically, it’s an in-ear device that translates foreign languages in REAL TIME. Designed by Waverly Labs, the Pilot looks like a small hearing aid but is a real-time translation earpiece.

Using a combination of speech recognition, machine translation and voice synthesis, this tiny device takes the spoken words of one language and translates them to another one.

The Pilot comes with two ear pieces and an app that seamlessly integrates with your smartphone to begin translating as soon as the conversation begins. With a delay of only a couple of seconds, this real-time translation earpiece will let you carry on a conversation in the language you have selected right away.

Currently the Pilot only translates the conversation you are having with one person, but the company sees future versions working with your surroundings to eventually translate everything around you.

Because the Pilot real-time translation earpiece uses machine learning, the company says it will continue to improve its accuracy and speed, thus reducing the couple of seconds of lag even more. The company also readily admits machine translation is not perfect and makes mistakes sometimes, but with increased usage the translation engine improves its performance.

The languages available for the Pilot include Latin or romance languages, such as English to Spanish, French, Italian, etc., The company said it is working on other languages, including East Asian, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Slavic, African and others at a later date.

Their press release from May, 2017 states they’ve sold $5 Million in pre-orders for the Pilot Translating Earpiece. Go to for more information.