Q Drum -Simple Water Container Improve Millions of Lives

Q Drum -Simple Water Container Improve Millions of Lives

Close to 750 million people, worldwide, still don’t have access to clean drinking water. That’s a staggering number. It’s more than double that of the US population which is about 320 million.

In most cultures, women and children are typically the ones whose duty it is to collect water, often carrying full, 30 pound containers on their heads. Unfailingly, it’s for long distances. I can only imagine what that does to the necks and spines of people who perform the job daily and for years.

There is a simple solution that’s being used now in poverty stricken countries known as the Q Drum. It’s a durable, doughnut-shaped, plaster water container that’s designed to roll while it’s easily pulled by a rope through the central hole. What’s even better is that Q Drum can hold 110 pounds of water while traditional containers are limited to 30 pounds. It’s efficient and doesn’t require back breaking work.

Q Drum addresses the problem of reducing the load yet increasing volume by rolling water in a cylindrical vessel. The design makes it even easy for children to pull. Plus, Q Drums store and transport in large quantities which keeps costs lower.

Of all the conditions facing impoverished countries, water is the most essential for life. The Q Drum is a brilliant solution tailored to individuals who must shoulder the enormous and painful burden of finding water in order for their families to survive.


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