Pasta Lovers Rejoice Healthy Twist for Noodles

Pasta Lovers Rejoice Healthy Twist for Noodles

There’s a healthy pasta trend going that uses chickpeas instead of wheat.  Now healthy often equates with well, a not so great taste. Thankfully, pasta lovers say Banza Chickpea Pasta delivers on taste in a big way.

As for the healthy part, Banza has doubled the protein and four times the fiber of traditional pasta, and far fewer carbs; it’s also gluten-free. The good news . . . you can buy it now at

Banza, shorthand for garbanzo pasta, is the first pasta made from chickpeas – a superfood used as the key ingredient in hummus. You can eat a whole lotta pasta and still feel holier than thou when finished. No more pasta guilt.

It’s a miracle for pasta lovers all over the world.

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