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Parking Garages that Rise with Rain – No More Flooding

Parking Garages that Rise with Rain – No More Flooding

Our concrete society is not always planned and built with flooding in mind. A flash food, or even a standard flood, can happen so quickly that we are left scrambling to protect property. Underground structures like basements or parking structures as especially susceptible to flooding, but sometimes there is little to do to avoid the effects of a flood.

That’s where POP-UP comes in. POP-UP is a new design for a parking structure that allows an underground garage to move out of the way and accommodate rainfall and underground water. The Danish firm Third Nature created the POP-UP structure to be flexible and have the ability to move. The structure would be built above a reservoir, and as that reservoir filled with water, the POP-UP structure would rise. When the reservoir empties, the POP-UP structure would resume its place underground. Third Nature’s design was solely to keep underground parking garages safe from floods, rather, it was to also developed to add more parking to a city, while providing an area with plant life above that could utilize the rainwater underneath the structure.

While the design is practical, and could bring a much needed breath of fresh air to the concrete jungle we called the city, the cost associated with this design will be a huge hurdle to overcome. Currently, there are no plans to create the garage, but the target cities would be Tokyo, London, Mexico City, and Singapore. Because each city would have different structure requirements for the POP-UP structure, the price tag has yet to be determined.





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February 6, 2018