Oral Insulin Pill. No More Needles.

Oral Insulin Pill. No More Needles.

Those who suffer from diabetes have to regularly test their blood glucose levels, and the standard way of testing these levels is through a blood test. This blood test is conducted after pricking the individual’s finger, which is often time very painful. Many individuals with diabetes also have to inject insulin on a daily basis. In an effort to make the lives of those with diabetes a little bit easier, researches are been experimenting to create an oral insulin pill.

An Israeli company, Oramed Pharmaceuticals, just received approval from the US FDA to ship their experiment drug around the US for testing. The drug is named ORM-0801 and is designed for individuals to take before a meal in order to help regulate blood sugar levels. The company still needs to go through the Investigational New Drug Application before the FDA can approve clinical trials, but things are moving along quickly.

The company hopes that this drug will not only help Type 2 diabetes, but also Type 1 diabetes – which is also known as juvenile diabetes. With Type 1 diabetes, the individual has to typically keep an insulin pump with them at all times and have a port installed into their abdomen so they can have a constant supply of insulin. Oramed hopes that this pill could help children better adhere to their medication schedule.


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