No Shots . . . No Sedation It’s Pain Free Dentistry

No Shots  . . . No Sedation It’s Pain Free Dentistry

I don’t think I’ve met anyone, not one person, who loves going to the dentist. Well, maybe for a cleaning but not for cavities, root canals and and caps. Dental procedures hurt, there’s lots of bleeding and pain and it takes a lot of time in the chair with usually multiple visits.

There’s a new product on the market that for the most part, overcomes all your reasons not to get dental care.

It’s called Solea and it’s the first computer-aided, C02 laser system that has been approved by the FDA. Developed by Convergent Dental, the Solea laser treats hard, soft and bony tissues in a kinder, more gentle procedure. Thank the Lord!

The benefits of using this product overcome most objections to dental care:

No high-pitched drilling – Virtually silent
Doesn’t cause bleeding or pain
Reliably anesthesia-free for hard tissue procedures
Quicker and More Efficient
More precise

Gotta love new technology in the world of dentistry.


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