Nano Sheet Cleans Up Oceans

Nano Sheet Cleans Up Oceans

Ocean oil spills are deadly to the environment, cost billions to clean up and devastate the economies in which they occur. The current technology to clean up spills is inefficient and takes too long.

Fortunately, Researchers at Deakin University in Australia, along with scientists at Drexel University in Philadelphia and Missouri University, have developed a revolutionary material, a type of “nanosheet” that can clean up oil spills like a sponge.

Each nanosheet is made up of flakes that are only several nanometers (one-billionth of a meter) thick with tiny holes, which can grow to the size of 5.5 tennis courts.

Alfred Deakin Professor Ying (Ian) Chen, the lead author on a paper which outlines the team’s breakthrough said the material was the most exciting advancement in oil spill clean-up technology in decades.

And the best news is that the research team is now ready to have their “sponge” trialled by the oil industry.

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