Make Bricks Without Clay!

Make Bricks Without Clay!

Necessity is the mother of invention and nothing could be more true than the invention of Eco BLAC Brick.

The need for a solution was driven by India’s reliance on bricks to build housing for its surging population. The problem is with over 100,000 kilns producing 2 billion bricks annually, a tremendous amount of dangerous emissions are leashed into the sky and, more landfills are needed for the waste AND the topsoil that is needed to create the bricks steals the precious soil that is essential to feed people.

This problem DEFINITELY needed a solution.

Enter MIT students who have created Eco BLAC Brick to replace traditional bricks made from kilns. If successful, the new technology would dramatically improve India’s air quality as well as its food security.

The Eco BLAC brick requires no firing. It uses waste boiler ash from paper factories, that otherwise fills ups landfills, and mixes the ash with with sodium hydroxide, lime, and a small amount of clay to produce the bricks.. It cures at ambient temperature, relying on this “alkali-activation technology” to give it strength.

The Eco BLAC brick was developed by MIT’s Tata Center for Technology and Design and is part of a bigger project to develop low-cost, low-emission housing for India’s inner city slums.
MIT students are currently working in the city Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, where they’re partnering with a paper mill owner to implement a pilot plant on-site.

To learn more about MIT’s Eco BLAC Brick, simply go to our website, for links to Eco BLAC Brick and many other Change Your Technologies that will enhance millions of lives globally.

Eco-BLAC Bricks: Sustainable masonry from industrial waste

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