High-Rise Emergency Escape Harnesses

High-Rise Emergency Escape Harnesses

There are thousands of high-rise buildings around the world. The day-to-day use of a high rise makes sense, but there are safety concerns about these types of buildings when faced with an emergency. Evacuation of high-rise buildings is not a flawless process, but evacuation solution specialist DoublExit has accounted a groundbreaking new emergency escape offering for high-rise buildings called the DoublExit Escape System.

DoublExit Escape System was designed for tall multistory buildings and acts as a life-saving means of escape during an emergency when existing routes are inaccessible or inoperative. It is the first and only escape system in the world to be installed in storage cabinets directly inside the building and ready for use right away. If an emergency does occur, the harnesses allow for a controlled descent to safety. There is no training required and does not require any external assistance. You simply put the harness on and go out a window or opening to the building, and descend to safety. DoublExit can be used repeatedly. So, once one person makes it down, the harness can be sent back up the building and bring down another individual until everyone is safe. The structure is mechanical and does no require any external power source.

DoublExit can be installed in any type of building, not just high rises. Installation does not require any structural alterations and can be incorporated into the buildings existing build plan. DoublExis is currently approved for operation in buildings up to 492 feet in high and to carry between 66 and 330 pounds. The cable itself is fire retardant and the system is capable of functioning in wet conditions. The harness itself is also suitable for the disabled.