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Grow Your Own Edible Plant Cells, In Your Kitchen!

Grow Your Own Edible Plant Cells, In Your Kitchen!

Drought and Flooding Destroy Crops – No Problem, Grow Your Own Edible Plant Cells in Your Kitchen

The fear that the world is slowly running out of the ability to produce enough food for the billions of individuals is ever present in our daily lives. With the recent changes in the weather, and increased droughts in some areas yet flooding in others, the ability to produce food naturally could be compromised. Researchers have been investigating into various ways to grow food in unconventional ways. Edible plant cells may be one of the creative ways to grow your own food: on your kitchen counter within the week.

Finish researcher, Lauri Reuter, created a machine akin to a Keurig coffee maker, called a bioreactor that can produce plant cells in about a weeks time. This may seem like a long time, compared to a Keurig’s cup of coffee, but it is substantially faster than growing the plants in nature (which can only be done, for most, during a specific season). Just like you would for a cup of coffee, you would insert a capsule with a small amount of plant cells that would start growing and multiplying, along with the minerals and nutrients the cells need to grow.

The bioreactor producing plant cells has a ways to go before it will be widely used, but a lot of progress is being made. Right now, researchers are focusing on ensuring the plant cells actually taste like the proposed plants, like strawberries. When this technology is perfected, it could change the lives of millions of individuals, and potentially our entire future with food.




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November 24, 2017