Gluten Alert! A Portable Gluten Test

Gluten Alert! A Portable Gluten Test

Gluten /Alert!

Test any type of food or liquid for gluten in as little as two minutes with a portable device called the Nima Sensor. It makes eating out a lot less scary for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

It’s portable as in fitting in a pocket or purse and food test results can be shared with other users through a connected app.

How does it work? Just take a tiny sample of food, put it in a capsule that contains  proprietary chemistry and insert it into the Nima Sensor. You’ll receive an analysis of gluten content that is 20 or greater parts per million  displayed on the front of your Nima. Go ahead and dig in if you see a smiley face but hold that fork if that face is frowning..

The Nima Sensor is the first product created by 65 Sensors Labs who hope their innovative technology will soon detect other food allergens, including peanuts and dairy.

Nima – A Portable Gluten Tester