Foreign Travel without Language Barriers!

Foreign Travel without Language Barriers!

New: Smart Earbud Device . . . Language Translator in Real-Time

I love to travel internationally but it’s really frustrating for me to try and communicate in another language that I can’t speak. I resort to pointing, wild gestures and speaking very S …L …O…W…L…Y and LOUDLY. Traveling would be so much more meaningful if I could speak the language in the country I’m visiting.

Miraculously, there’s finally an answer for travelers like you and me.

A device called the “Pilot” will one day help eliminate the language barrier between people worldwide. The developer, Waverly Labs, has designed a mobile app that will serve as a basic phrasebook for translation while traveling. The Pilot is an earbud that looks a lot like a large Bluetooth earpiece and it will translate the language you hear in spoken form to the language you understand.

Apparently it’s able to function without an internet connection by pairing with an accompanying smartphone app. Waverly Labs will offer two earpieces a in each pack so you and another person will be able to talk with each other with ease. No problem if you’ve only have one earbud, the other person can communicate with you by speaking into the Pilot app on their smartphone.  Nice!

Waverly Labs is taking pre-orders now with a sales price of $249. Check their website for the most current information on the shipping date.

Pilot Translating Earpiece