Elastic Film Mimics Youthful Skin Easy Application . . . Dramatic Results

Elastic Film Mimics Youthful Skin Easy Application . . . Dramatic Results

Skin becomes less elastic and firm as we age and basically not many folks like the results. Gravity always win . . . unless you invest in pricey cosmetic surgery.

Until Now.

MIT scientists, along with other researches, have developed a silicone-based polymer that is applied to the skin as a thin, invisible coating that mimics the qualities of healthy, young skin. Basically, a “second skin”.

The name of this material is called TPT and it can temporarily protect and tighten skin and smooth wrinkles for 24 hours.

I’m guessing there’s a market for this product – ha. Hold on though, it’s still undergoing FDA approval.

For those less vain, there are many possible medical uses for TPT. Further development may deliver drugs to help treat skin conditions and provide long-lasting ultraviolet protection.

To learn more about TPT, simply go to our website, ThinkAmericaRadio.com for links to this promising product and many other Change Your Technologies that will enhance millions of lives globally.


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