Earbuds Breakthrough Control Your Audio Environment

Earbuds Breakthrough Control Your Audio Environment

If you’ve ever been stuck on an airplane with a crying baby, you’re a candidate for Doppler Labs new “Here Active Listening” system.

It’s a set of earplugs that a user can manipulate to isolate or mute grating sounds or lower the volume – much like you’d do on tv.

Unlike hearing aids, which amplify or decrease all noises at once, Here’s processor syncs with a smartphone app, so users can handpick which frequencies they want to filter. Think of standing on a subway platform and having a normal conversation with a friend as a train bellows by you both.

That’s the promise of the Here Active Listening system, a groundbreaking set of earbuds from New York–based Doppler Labs “It’s augmented audio reality,” says Doppler Labs CEO Noah Kraft, who initially developed Here for musicians and concertgoers before directing his efforts to a general population.


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