Do Lobsters Feel Pain? Not with Electric Device.

Do Lobsters Feel Pain? Not with Electric Device.

Speaking of crustaceans,, there’s a ton of people who insist lobsters absolutely feel pain when dropped live into a pot of boiling water as evidenced by them shrieking during the two to three minutes it takes them to die  (while others insist it is caused by the release of gases under the shell).

Lobsters are boiled alive: Crustaceans like lobster will start decaying very rapidly after dying, so it’s desirable to cook and eat them as quickly after killing them as possible. Throwing the live lobster into boiling water will kill it, and start cooking it at the same time, which is optimal from that perspective.

An entrepreneur from Bedfordshire, UK, felt so taken aback by the practice that he was inspired to invent a less cruel way of killing them. Simon Buckhaven has created a device named the CrustaStun which uses an electric current to stun and painlessly kill shellfish such as lobsters.

The machine can knock a large crustacean unconscious in less than 0.3 seconds and kill it in five to ten. Crabs take four to five minutes to die in boiling water, while lobsters take three minutes.

The device was developed by a team of experts from Mr Buckhaven’s firm, Studham Technologies.

The CrustaStun comprises a stainless- steel box roughly the size of a microwave containing a tray with a wet sponge and an electrode. The crustacean is placed in the box and when the lid is closed the wet sponge conducts the current which electrocutes it.

I think CrustaStun has an electrifying future, don’t you?