DNA App Store? It’s in Your Future.

DNA App Store? It’s in Your Future.


In a world where we are discovering that a lot of your personal choices and character traits are based upon genes leaves individuals curious about what their genetic makeup says about them. There are companies, like 23andme, who can map out your genetic code for you for a fairly inexpensive cost. Once you have that information, you can go to your doctor and discuss what some of those results actually mean. But wouldn’t it be easier if you could just use an app on your phone or tablet to understand what your genes say about you? Well, a San Francisco based company named Helix thought that would be an incredible idea that would be utilized by many individuals.

Our genome says so much about who we are, including what our health risks are. Understanding that you may be more prone to diabetes or breast cancer could change how you conduct your day-to-day life. The way the company Helix plans to utilize the DNA app would be to first start with a spit sample from anyone use buys the DNA app. The spit sample can then be used to analyze the individual’s genes and digitize the findings. The individual will then be able to utilize the information from the findings through the app and learn all about their health risks, and have a better understanding of who they are. Helix expects the DNA app to cost around $100, which is substantially cheaper than what other companies offer for a similar service (minus the app feature).



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