Diet Soda = Weight Gain?

Diet Soda = Weight Gain?

It’s not just about the calories when you’re trying to lose weight. Researchers are getting closer to reaching an agreement that low calorie sweeteners in diet sodas are linked to weight gain.

I know substitute sugar sweeteners are not particularly good for me. But hey,compared to sodas loaded with sugar,at least I’m consuming less calories, right?

Not really. I’m kidding myself.

The substitute sweeteners, loaded with  aspartame and sucralose molecules, are being linked to increased belly fat especially if you’re  65 or older. A big belly is correlated to an increased incidence of mortality, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance.  And it gets worse. Your waist circumference is one of many components linked to a condition called “metabolic syndrome”. This syndrome depicts a cluster of risk factors that boost the level of high triglycerides, blood pressure and blood glucose. Translation:  An increased of  strokes and heart attacks.

The results come from an international group of researchers who examined data, taken close to 10 years of time. These scientists wanted to find out if sweeteners really do prevent people from gaining weight. Here are the results:

  • Daily and occasional diet soda drinkers gained nearly three times as much belly fat as non-drinkers. That’s 3.16 inches added to your waist.
  • Occasional diet soda drinkers added a net average of 1.83 inches to their weight compared to non-drinkers.

I’m taking a big gulp now as I vow not to drink any more low calorie sodas.