Desktop DNA Lab

Desktop DNA Lab

Genotype refers to the entire set of genes in a cell, organism or an individual. With over 40 trillion cells in the human body, we are the most diverse and difficult terrain to explore.

The Juno system is engineered to genotype a meager DNA sample. To accomplish this, Juno will need to “amplify” DNA by making millions of copies of one strain so it can be compared with many others. The key to this process is Juno’s proprietary microchip, which can amplify samples that are 1,000 times smaller than a drop of water

Normally this process would take a full day but Jeno only takes three hours.
The extra hours free scientists to concentrate on actual ­analysis—a shift that makes it easier to match bone-marrow donors, find cures for genetic diseases and more.

Juno is a breakthrough technology that is now being used at academic and research labs.

To learn more about Juno, simply go to our website, for links to Juno and many other Change Your Technologies that will enhance millions of lives globally.

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