Birth Control for Rats Cuts 40% of Prodigious Reproduction

Birth Control for Rats Cuts 40% of Prodigious Reproduction

There’s been a war between man and rats for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. The consensus from the experts is that rats are winning. There’s nothing attractive or soft about rats despite Michael Jackson’s sentimental song about “Ben”.

They poison food, bite babies, undermine buildings, spread disease, decimate crop yields, and very occasionally eat people alive. A male and female left to their own devices for one year – the average lifespan of a city rat – can beget 15,000 descendants. Now wonder the human race is losing.

Nothing stops them . . . . traps, trained animals, cats and ferrets haven’t even come close. Poison and ultrasonic machines have had little to no effect on their population.

But we have not tried birth control for rats.

Enter, SenesTech, a Flagstaff, Arizona based company that claims they can bring rats prodigious reproduction to a stop with a drink that both male and female rats, love to drink.  So far in tests held in Indonesian rice fields, South Carolina pig farms, the suburbs of Boston and the New York City subway, caused a drop in rat populations of roughly 40% in 12 weeks.

The name of this ingenious product is called ContraPest and will be available soon to the US and Europe commercial markets.
Loretta Mayer, biologist and cofounder of SensTech which is a biotech startup believes ContraPest is the first meaningful advance in the fight against rats in a hundred years, and the first viable alternative to poison. Mayer was blunt about the implications: “This will change the world.”

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