Smart Vests Turn Homeless Dogs into Street Fighters Protecting Humans

Smart Vests Turn Homeless Dogs into Street Fighters Protecting Humans

There are lots of problems in Bangkok, but one of the most  heart rendering ones is the plight of thousands of homeless dogs. Hungry, thirsty and routinely abused, they really need a friend.

And they got a patron from a very unlikely source – a Bangkok advertising agency. The Cheil advertising agency, which is a subsidiary of South Korea’s Samsung Electronics gets credit for a practical and brilliant concept. Thanks to a dog loving human team, homeless dogs may very well become well respected street fighters protecting the old, young and innocent.

The agency has developed an ingenious ‘smart vest’ for  Bangkok’s stray dogs and  makes use of their  omnipresence by giving them the job of  a 24 hour street watchman.  Hopefully it will lift their status to that of a revered “guardian” dog.

The vests provide security by being  equipped with a  video camera. The technology will stream the video content when the dog barks. When the camera turns on, the company’s surveillance team will see what the dog sees – either by phone or computer. Then, police can be directed to the source of the problem. Or the dogs will simply do what dogs do best – bark and chase. No criminal in his right mind wants to receive the bite of a pissed off dog.

It will be a natural evolvement from being useless to a source of help to the community.

Pakornkrit Khantaprap, who’s  the creator of the  team behind the Smart Vest told the Huffington Post that “It will make people feel that stray dogs can become night-watches for the communities.” They will not only help the town surrounding them, but they will look mighty adorable! We mean, look, how official they look in those blue and yellow vests!

So, there is hope for humans thanks to canines.