Asthma Drug Revolutionizes Treatment for Sufferers

Asthma Drug Revolutionizes Treatment for Sufferers

The Global Asthma 2014 Reports that as many as 334 million people in the world suffer from asthma. The symptoms are scary – difficulty breathing, chest tightness and shortness of breath. The current solution isn’t pleasant – relying on inhalers or using steroids which carry a high risk of weight gain, diabetes, osteoporosis and high blood pressure.

After 20 years of waiting for a new treatment, researchers at Leicester University in the UK are calling it a  new asthma drug “Fevipiprant”, a “game changer”. While most treatments improve various symptoms, Fevipiprant improved all of them” according to researchers. “It improves lung function, reduces inflammation and repairs the lining of airways.”

Basically two FEVIPIPRANT pills a day will replace inhalers and oral steroids. The expert in severe breathing conditions who oversaw the latest trial of the drug said its potential effectiveness was so great that it could halve both patients’ risk of suffering an asthma attack and being admitted to hospital.

Can you imagine the relief for people who have suffered all their lives to be able to cut their symptoms in halve? What parent wouldn’t lose their minds over watching their child gasp for breath – imagine their pure joy in finding a treatment that could halve patients’ risk of suffering asthma attacks and being admitted to a hospital.

In the UK, FEVIPIPRANT is in a phase-III trial, meaning the drug has already undergone small-scale safety tests in patients, as well as initial analysis of any side effects. This trial is aimed at establishing with more precision how effective the drug is in larger numbers of patients.