Aerial Seed Bombing Plants 900,000 Trees in One Day

Aerial Seed Bombing Plants 900,000 Trees in One Day

Deforestation is serious. More than 6.5 billion trees are lost every single year. Just as important to this massive decimation is the loss of thousands of plants and insects that are erased with the trees.

In fact, according to National Geographic, seventy percent of Earth’s land animals and plants live in forests. Millions of acres of forest have been destroyed in the last century mostly due to human activity.

Remarkably, a technology that previously used military transport planes to drop fields of landmines, is now being adapted to be used to drop . . . trees. It’s called “Seed Bombing” or “Aerial Reforestation”. These old military planes can drop as many as 900,000 saplings or seeds a day in a deforested area.

The concept can be applied in two ways. One involves placing seedlings in a biodegradable metal cone that bury themselves in the soil when dropped from the plane. The second and simpler method involves mixing seed with soil in what’s called a “seed ball” which is dropped and scattered in a deforested area.

The basic concept of seed bombing has been around for nearly a century. However, it’s gained a lot of attention in the last few years since Lockheed Martin Aerospace acted on an idea by a former RAF Pilot.

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