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A Cure for Allergies!

A Cure for Allergies!

Runny noses, coughing, itchy throat, and many other symptoms come hand in hand with individuals who suffer from allergies. These symptoms are just a physical response form our immune system trying to fight off foreign irritants. Despite our body’s valiant efforts to protect us, the symptoms that come with this process are unbearable for some individuals, and most medicines today (prescription and over the counter) do not offer a lot of relief for severe attacks, but researches at Aarhus University in Denmark have made progress on their research into controlling these symptoms.

When our body encounters an allergen, our immune system produces an antibody called IgE. This antibody turns on the immune cells in charge of the systems that cause coughing and sneezing during an allergy attack. The researchers in Denmark have made progress and may be able to create drugs that could block the IgE receptors, and help alleviate the worst of symptoms. The first drug of this kind is already in the works. This drug is called XOLAIR, and it is an IgE inhibitor that is an injectable supplemental allergy treatment. So far, the testing has been promising.

This research could not only have great implications for allergy relief, but the research could extend and be used for asthma relief options as well!



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March 7, 2018