11 Year-Old Boy Invents Life Saving Child’s Device

11 Year-Old Boy Invents Life Saving Child’s Device

Texas native, Bishop Curry is in 5th grade, eleven years old and is already an inventor. He designed a device that would help prevent children dying in hot cars and named it the Oasis. His inspiration came from the death of a  six month old baby (in his neighborhood) who had died in an overheated car.

Meant to be affixed to a car seat, the Oasis can sense if a child is still in the seat once the car has stopped moving. If the car temperature reaches a dangerous level, the device blows out cold air and simultaneously sends a text message to parents, before alerting police and paramedics.

“It’s like texting,” Bishop said. “But without emojis.” His dad, an engineer at Toyota also named Bishop Curry, was immediately sold on the idea: “My thought was, ‘Why isn’t this in stores now?'”

This  amazing kid has raised nearly $40,000 to build the Oasis in just five months though GoFundMe. Along with his father, he’s applied for a formal patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in order to start manufacturing.

It’s heartbreaking the Oasis is a device we need in this world, but that’s a reality we all live in. In fact, seven hundred and twelve children have died from heatstroke after being left in a hot car since 1998 and already 12 deaths this year alone, according to a San Jose State University study.

Fortunately, we have 11 year old boys in our world who are smart and motivated enough to kick in and help fix the problem. Thank you Bishop Curry.