Topics – July 7, 2018 – Show #1

Harley Davidson Motorcycles—Are they riding out of the USA? If you see yourself as an American “bad ass”, then there’s a good chance you ride a Harley—THE American iconic image of being freedom-loving, tough-living and wildly independent. Those who ride them have been described as patriotic, rugged individuals. Why would Harley want to ride away—to do their production in Europe? Trade Sanctions. President Trump is disgusted with their decision and says they are the first American company to raise the “white flag”. On one side, the business decision reflects savings of $30 to $45 million in tariffs. On the other, they’re benefiting from recently enacted United States tax breaks to the tune of $100 million. Is Harley-Davidson’s brand just a marketing ploy, but they can’t walk the walk? Is this a bad move?

Sick of bad news? If so, why? Philadelphia researchers say those answers lie in how you process information that’s coming to you. Some brains are more resilient to stress, and are much more hardwired to handle it. Others, not so much, and as such, you could get physically sick –nauseated and vomit–if you receive too much bad news. We are bombarded with current events daily, many of which are
unpleasant to process. Is the answer to unplug altogether? Are you willing to be less informed?

Interview:  Douglas C. Bracken, Nationally-Renowned Attorney, Expert – Litigating Employment and Labor law claims. Topic: Unions and SCOTUS ruling, on who has to join a union, and are they crumbling.

Is Elon Musk a Welfare King? How? He’s an inventor, entrepreneur, transportation guru on earth and in space, and is honored as a revered capitalist. Making a lot of money in our market economy is based on supplying something the market wants. In Musk’s case, he’s undeniably brilliant at doing that. According to Forbes, much of Musk’s fortune is the result of producing original ideas, creating value for
others and revolutionizing the way we do business. So why is Elon Musk being called a Welfare King? (Hint: the term is related to “crony capitalist.” a person whose business success depends on a close relationships with government officials.) Does that make Elon Musk a Welfare King – the ultimate scammer of tax dollars? Or, is he just a smart businessman who doesn’t turn down government money to
help fuel his business empire?

Change Your Life Technology: Super Hero Maggots.