Topics & Guest – July 7, 2018 – Show #2

Abolish ICE? What is the Left smokin’? Or do they have a point? Recent asylum seekers have created the border crisis and current law dictates that minors wait out the application process of the adults (parents, caregivers, even smugglers), in DHS shelters. The process is lengthy, often over 20 days, but the Left made a huge deal over this separation. Now they are pushing for ICE to be abolished altogether. Under the Department of Homeland Security, which was created by President George W. Bush, the immigration bureaucracy was divided up into three parts. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services handled the naturalization and immigration process, Customs and order
Protection was responsible for monitoring the border, while ICE was given authority to deal with enforcing the laws inside the country. If ICE goes, what law enforcement group would take this on? Should the Democrats be split on this?

New Gun Policy at Citigroup: Last March, Citigroup became the first banking industry company to set restrictions on the sales of firearms to its business customers. If you’re a company who offers credit cards backed by Citigroup, if you borrow money or use their services to raise capital, you’re obliged to honor their new gun restriction policy. It does not stop the ability of Citi customers to use their cards for the legal purchase of firearms. But, Citigroup now prohibits the sale of firearms to customers who haven’t passed a background check or are not 21 or older and prohibits the sales of bump stocks and high-capacity magazine. Citigroup describes their new policy as being “common-sense measures.” But what if the companies shared the data about consumers buying guns or gun products with the
government? Sound far-fetched? At least one US bank has had conversations with lawmakers about legislation to require merchants to share intel about gun-related products consumer buy with their credits cards. Slippery slope or reasonable measure for the banking industry?

Interview: Robert Bolton, Attorney Specializing in Tax Planning for Closely-Held Businesses and Their Owners and Estate and Wealth Preservation Planning. Topic:The Fallout of Small Businesses and Internet Sales Taxes.

Football is a religion in Texas but with Fewer NFL Followers.  A new poll from the University of Texas (Austin) reveals nearly half (47%) of  to NFL executives allowing the “take a knee” controversy to happen in the first place. It’s not that the Lone Star state citizens have fallen out of love with football in general, just the NFL. What do you think is coming down the field for the upcoming NFL season?

Change Your Life Technology: Vaccines for Tooth Decay.