THINK! America – Weekend of June, 16, 2018 – Show #2

Topics - June 16, 2018 - Show #2. Guest: Michael Pearson, Attorney, Aviation Expert and former Air Traffic Controller.

Topics and Guest – June 16, 2018 – Show #2

Does a handshake mean anything in politics? At the G7 economic summit in Canada the WH issued a statement saying Trump and Trudeau were very close to a deal to rework the NAFTA. Trudeau even said all seven leaders had “rolled up our sleeves” and agreed to “free, fair and mutually beneficial trade” while emphasizing “We strive to reduce tariff barriers, non-tariff barriers and subsidies”. Trump then tweeted “They fully understand where I am coming from. After many decades, fair and reciprocal trade will happen.” But then Trump stopped talking citing Trudeau said one thing in private and another in a press release, once Trump was headed Singapore. Soon the world learned that Canada, intends to add tariffs to its list of deal breakers on NAFTA. Canada will impose more than 16.6-billion in retaliatory tariffs against America’s 25% and 10% tariffs on their steel and aluminum effective 7-1-18, with Trudeau stating that Canada “will not be pushed around.” Of course, Trump tweeted again putting down Trudeau. Should the G7 elites have a hissy fit over the President calling one of them out? Or did Trump unnecessarily make an enemy out of a friend?

Another Bill Clinton Moment—Liberal media traipsed out Bill Clinton once again in front of the cameras, to get his view of the “Me Too Movement.” He did the “Today Show” and “Stephen Colbert” but the mic was somehow elusive when he had the chance to use it for some real contrition regarding his treatment of women 20 years ago, and prior. He still can’t seem to come around, and he has it better than some others—Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, for example. Maybe it will take a legal day of reckoning for him to really
have remorse and fully understand what he put several women through. Will a day of reckoning EVER come for Bill Clinton—like it is coming for other powerful men? Thoughts?

Interview: Michael Pearson, Attorney, Aviation Expert and former Air Traffic Controller. Topic: In 2013 Obama’s FAA introduced a new “diversity” exam for students to be air traffic controllers called a “biographical screening,” designed to weed out top aviation students and screen through a varied mix of people to work in the towers. Top students–with stellar grades in science and aviation flunked the biographical screening, but those lured in from the streets, , in fast food jobs, or unemployed for the last 3 years, passed the screening. Pearson sued the FAA, over Obama’s social engineering experiment.

New angle on Ban the Bikini–Miss America’s new directive. (It’s similar to Playboy Magazine’s change from showing off naked women to clothing them for photo shoots.) Change like this takes time, so what do you think prompted it? Note: Ironically, with Miss America, it was the “strutting your stuff” itself (beautiful body and sex appeal in a bikini and a glamorous gown) that gave the winner the chance for an academic scholarship to learn other skills for employment in jobs that don’t require strutting your stuff in beach or evening wear—skills for a surgical gown or business suit.

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