THINK! America – Weekend of June. 16, 2018 – Show #1

Topics - June 16, 2018 - Show #1. Guest: Joseph Cohen, Author, “Write Father, Write Son,” A Bond-Building Journey.

Topics and Guest – June 16, 2018 – Show #1

New Angle on Trump-Kim Summit. Never mind the naysayers or the pro-Trumpers, what do social psychologists say about the Singapore Summit? They say add visualization elements of what North Korea could look like (example SK and NYC, London, even Singapore) and weave how free trade and open relations with China helped create Beijing, for example. Salt and pepper that with what Kim perceives as American greatness such as producing a hip NBA star in Dennis Rodman, and turning out fast food burgers, as in
McDonalds. They say Kim is just a kid at heart—who loves play and pleasure, fine food, great entertainment, and fun friends—so negotiators should keep that in mind while doing the difficult back and forth talks to denuclearize the peninsula. Will such visual enticements be one key to a successful summit? How do you see Rodman’s purpose there?

Leaving California! Is the bloom off the rose in California? A new survey shows that 46 percent of Bay Area residents say they want to move out of the area within the next few years. In 2016 the survey show 34 percent of Bay Area residents wanted to move. In 2017 the number moved to 40 percent, and now it’s up to 46 percent, and the year isn’t over yet! The cost of living is far too high and the state
government consists of nearly 100 percent Democrats who want more and more liberal policies enacted. Are you surprised by this?

Interview: Joseph Cohen, Author, “Write Father, Write Son,” A Bond-Building Journey. Topic: It’s the story of how raising a self-confident, sensitive, and creative boy in today’s world is challenging. Private letters from the father to the son resonate universally.

I’m feeling so lonely…can I die from it? This question was asked by someone on the site, Quora. The medical answer is, Yes, loneliness can kill you. In fact, recent research is claiming that loneliness and social isolation could be a more significant health factor than obesity, smoking, exercise or nutrition. The loneliness (a subjective feeling) increases risk of death by 26%, according to a new study in Perspectives on Psychological Science. So, should this become a public-health issue? Are our lives becoming increasingly isolated? Or, is loneliness just an inevitable part of being human?

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