THINK! America – Weekend of June. 9, 2018 – Show #1

Topics - June 9, 2018 - Show #1. Guest: Tom Landis, Texas Entrepreneur and Business Owner of Howdy Homemade Ice Cream.

Topics and Guest – June 9, 2018 – Show #1

Baker Wins! The Supreme Court this week has sided with the baker who turned away a gay couple’s request, citing religious freedom in not wanting to bake them a cake for a wedding. It was a 7-2 decision. The Colorado baker had the legal right to refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay couple because of his religious objections to same-sex marriage–so ruled the Court. Now businesses have a broader platform to run their day-to-day operations, but it also sets the stage for possible new clashes with the civil rights movement. Civil
rights activists, which include gay activists, can argue this decision might legally bless corporate discrimination in the work place, giving cover to other forms of prejudice based on religion. What do you believe are the ramifications of this ruling?

All covered up—In many current pictures of Hillary Clinton, she’s…well, quite covered up. During a memorial Day parade, Hillary appeared in a summer-y overcoat and a scarf, but it was clear she was overdressed. At other public functions, she wears long drapped scarves over her back and shoulders. Does she have a medical issue with herback that she’s addressing? Is that a back brace she’s
wearing after a fall? Is she healthy? Do you care? Why?

Interview: Tom Landis, Texas Entrepreneur and Business Owner of Howdy Homemade Ice Cream. Topic: Landis decided to hire only special needs adults for his ice cream stores. They are reliable, (unlike many), friendly, and love being employed. Simple tasks like scooping ice cream and greeting people done by adults with special needs is PERFECT for his business, Landis says. People Magazine did a spread on this special entrepreneur and his special employees:

Does being asked to dress appropriately reflect America’s systemic oppression? Cornell University student Letitia Chai thinks it does. She chose to strip down to her underwear to deliver her trial senior thesis to her class. This, as an act of outrage and defiance against her professor who questioned whether the denim cutoff shorts she was wearing were too short. The professor proceeded to tell her, in front of the class, that she was inviting the male gaze away from the content of her presentation and onto her body. But she said
her definition of systemic oppression included being a woman, and that “she stood with people who have been asked to question themselves based on people’s perception of their appearance.” You could consider her explanation legitimate given that our society is very critical of how people look and dress, or you might think she’s manufacturing an oppressive experience in order to attain victim status. What are your thoughts?

Change Your Life Technology: FDA Approves New Iris Replacement Device.